gomez mill house



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Gomez Articles

The Gomez Family: An Old Family Record

"As A Matter of 'arti'-Fact!" Newsletter

The Search for the Gomez Past: Old Castile to Newburgh, N.Y.

A Few of the Books Published by Benjamin Gomez

Don't Forget The Cousins

Benjamin Gomez — Bookseller

The Gomez Collection

Gomez Family Prayer Book

Act of Denization from Queen Anne Recorded for Luis Gomez

Queen Anne

The Gomez Collection

From Right to Left open on the shelf in the Nan Boas Library — Gomez Family Prayer book, Isaac Gomez’s “Selection of a Father,” David Levi’s “Answer to Dr. Joseph Priestley’s Letter to The Jews... “ In the background is a history of Benjamin and a newspaper front page with a copy of his store advertisement on Maiden Lane in NYC.


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