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Gomez Articles

The Gomez Family: An Old Family Record

"As A Matter of 'arti'-Fact!" Newsletter

The Search for the Gomez Past: Old Castile to Newburgh, N.Y.

A Few of the Books Published by Benjamin Gomez

Don't Forget The Cousins

Benjamin Gomez — Bookseller

The Gomez Collection

Gomez Family Prayer Book

Act of Denization from Queen Anne Recorded for Luis Gomez

Queen Anne

A Few of the Books Published by Benjamin Gomez

1792: The Christian Economy

1794: Pilgrim’s Progress

Letter to the Jews Inviting Them to an Amicable Discussion of the Evidences of Christianity by Joseph Priestly.

Letter to Dr. Priestly, In Answer to Those He Addressed — by David Levi. (a gift of the Galberd Family)

Edward Ward’s Female Policy or the Arts of a Designing Woman

1795: Captain Cook’s Third and Last Voyage.

Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe

Benj. Keach’s The Travels of True Godliness from the beginning of the World to this present Day

1796: Cook’s A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean

1797: The Visions of John Bunyan John Ely’s The Child’s Instructor W. James’ The Letters of Charlotte

1798: Robert Gibson’s A Treatise of Practical Surveying

And Many More...

Don't Forget The Cousins

The Earliest Children's Book by an American Jew

SELECTIONS OF A FATHER FOR THE USE OF HIS CHILDREN. In prose and Verse. New York: Southwick and Pelsue, 1820. 408pp. Original calf, spine re-laid, hinges reinforced.

First Edition of the earliest children's book by an American Jew.

Isaac Gomez (1783- 1831) was prominent in Jewish communal affairs. This volume was intended to entertain and educate young children and contains selections on astronomy, geology, literature, zoology, anatomy, and moral guidance.

Gift of The Galberd Family



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