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gomez mill house 2
Dard Hunter

These pictures are Dard Hunter watermarks in the Gomez Mill House collection

Quarto Club Papers, MCMXXVII - MCMXXVIII , New York,
Printed for the Members (of the Harvard Club), MCMXXIX (1929)

By way of preface to this, the second volume of Quarto Club Papers, representing another crop of papers read by members of the club at its monthly gatherings, it may be said that they are published by the members primarily for their own delectation. They would recapture, if they might, the pleasant evenings when these papers were read. In his dedication to “The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadis,” Sir Philip Sidney says: “Here now you have this idle work of mine; which I fear (like the Spider’s web) will be thought better to be swept away than worn to any purpose.” “Read it then,” he adds further,” at your idle times, and the follies of your good judgment will find in it, blame not, but laugh at.”

— New York, September, 1928


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