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Service Learning and Location-Based Gaming in Language Instruction Sephardic Jews: Spain to New York. Mirla González

In 2012, an on-line service-learning project was created by Mirla González. The concept for the project originated from a course Mirla took her senior year at Marist College entitled, Spanish and Technology, under the direction of Dr. Kevin Gaugler, associate professor of Spanish. The first module based on the Gomez Mill House was developed in cooperation with the Gomez Foundation for Mill House and is presented here as part of the educational programming offered by the Gomez Mill house.

Los sefardíes de España a Nueva York: Cronología de los eventos que impactaron la vida de los sefardíes e influenciaron el viaje de la familia Gómez. Explore este sitio web para aprender porque estos eventos son importantes. 

La casa Gómez: Location-Based Game


map video

The goal of the on-line learning module and a location-based game component is to raise awareness about the importance of the Gomez Mill House and to teach individuals about the Sephardic experience and its relation to the local community.

To access the module and game component:

VISIT SITE: https://sites.google.com/site/viajesefardi/home


Mirla González is currently a graduate student at the University of Kansas. She obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Biomedical Science and Spanish from Marist College. She is an advocate for language instruction and 21st century service-learning. As a future professor, Mirla will continue to work to merge Spanish service-learning with technology and to create partnerships between students and community organizations in order to foster unique mutual learning opportunities for both.


*This series of education resources inspired by the Gomez Mill House are made available to the public on this website free of charge and through links to approved sites. The information may be used for non-profit, education purposes only. Materials are protected by copyright as noted.


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