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The Gomez Family: An Old Family Record

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The Gomez Family:
An Old Family Record
Residents from 1714-1748

By Isaac Gomez — born in New York on the 28th July 1768

The genealogy of our family as far as I can trace from my own knowledge as well as what I have had from my ancestors, it being necessary for every family to know from whence they sprung particularly when they came from respectable parentage which is the reason why I have been thus particular.

My Great, Great Grandfather, Isaac Gomez, was a Spanish nobleman a favorite at the Court and particularly noticed by the King. The Inquisition formed a plan to take him and his family and confiscate his estate on account of his being of the Jewish persuasion. The King having found it out let him know of it by a letter in terms not to be understood by any person but himself on which information he sent his wife and infant son, Moses, with some of his jewels to France, but before he could get ready with his other property to make his escape the Inquisition laid hold of him and made him a prisoner for fourteen years and confiscated all his property. Whether they let him out or he made his escape, I am not informed, but at the end of fourteen years he got over to France where his son got to be a fine boy. He after that had two daughters, one married a Leghorn, his name I know not. The name of the other daughter, Leonora. He died in France.

My Great Grandfather Louis Moses Gomez (his only son who got the name of Louis I suppose in respect to the King of France) (his country being the asylum of the family) married Miss Esther Markaze by whom he had six sons, namely, Jacob, Mordecai, Daniel, David, Isaac and Benjamin, with whom and his sister Leonora went over to Great Britain, I believe at the time of the religious distress of the Huguenots in France. How long he remained in England, I know not but he obtained a letter of denization which I now have in my possession from the Crown of England for him and his family to reside in America which placed him and his family on the same footing with the people of the crown, a matter of great importance as the Jews were far from being on the same footing with the people of the Christian faith.

With this protection and his family and property he came over to this country about one hundred and fourteen years ago as far as I can trace it. Here he purchased landed property and became a merchant. After being here some years a contested election between the families of Van Horn and Philips took place, he and his sons took the part of Philip’s family which was opposed by the other family, and their friends would not permit their votes, they being Jews, upon which he sent home and his protection ratified (the papers attending the particulars I also have in my possession) this ratification came and was acknowledged, the denization stands recorded in the City of New York in the Secretary’s office in the year 1717 in the Book of General Entry Leber M. Folio 216 compared and examined, signed J. Wileman D. L. Secretary.

My Great Grandmother, Mrs. Esther Gomez died in the year 1718 on the 21st of May.

My Great Grandfather, Mr. Louis Moses Gomez died on the 31 March, 1740, being about 86 years of age. They are both buried in New York, My great, great aunt Leonora died on the

Jacob Gomez the first named died on the Spanish Main being on a trading voyage. The Spaniards came on board the ship, hid under skins in their boats, killed the captain, mate and most of the officers. He jumped out of the cabin window and was shot in the water because he would not change his religion. He never was married.

Mordecai Gomez married a Miss Esther Gompas of Jamaica by whom he had three sons, Moses, Isaac and Jacob.

Moses married in Jamaica and died shortly after. The proceeds of this marriage was a daughter who was the mother of the present Mrs. Flomenge of Jamaica who has two sons, Solomon and Jacob.

Isaac married (on) Curacoa a Miss Esther Jesurum by whom he had several children. He died there.

Jacob got crazy and died in New York.

Mordecai losing his first wife married Miss Rebecca de Lucena by who he had four children, Abraham, Moses, Esther and Rachel. he died in New York on the first day of Nov. 1750.

Daniel Gomez (my grandfather) married Miss Rebecca De Tores of Jamaica by whom he had two sons, Moses and Joseph. She died the 14th of October 1727. Joseph died 26 September 1734. Daniel married a second wife, Miss Esther Levy of Curacoa. She died without issue on the 31st of May 1753. Daniel died in Philadelphia 28th day of July 1780.

David married the widow Rebecca Silva (who was sister to my grandmother Deborah) He had no children. He died July 15th 1769.

Isaac married Miss Deborah de Leon of Barbados by whom he had several children who died young except my mother Esther and Uncle Mathias. He, Isaac, died on the 28th of August 1770. Deborah died the 6th day of August 1801, being 87 years old, 9 months and 12 days.

Benjamin married Miss Esther Himes of Barbados by who he had Rachel. He died on the 8th August 1772 being 62 years of age. She died on the day of Moses, the son of Mordecai Gomez, married Esther the daughter of Aaron Lopez of Rhode Island by whom he had several children, all dead excepting Aaron, Miriam and Louis, all young supposing the eldest to be in his twentieth year.

Abraham is a bachelor and a cripple.

 Esther married Mr. Uriah Hendricks. She died early in the American Revolutionary War on the day of 17 .

Rachel married Mr. Abraham Wagge. She resides now either in Bristol or London.

My aunt Mrs. Rebecca Gomez died on the day of July 1801.

Moses the son of Daniel Gomez married Esther the daughter of Isaac Gomez, on the fourteenth day of May 1755 by whom he had several children whom he lost in their youth except Daniel and (myself) Isaac. Daniel died in New York on the 27th day of August 1784 being about 25 years of age.

I, Isaac was born in New York on the 28th July 1768 and married my beloved wife Abby, the daughter of Aaron Lopez desc., and Sarah Lopez and granddaughter of Jacob H. Rivera all of New Port, Rhode Island on the 26 day of May 1790. By which marriage I have had ten children, the following are, thank God, living: Esther, Sarah, Cynthia, Mary Ann, Rachel, Juliet, and Moses. Esther was born on the 29th of March 1788 and was married to Solomon Seixas on the first February one thousand and eight hundred and fifteen and their children are Benjamin, Isaac and Gershom.

Benjamin was born the fourteenth November 1815.

Isaac was born June the eighth one thousand eight hundred and seventeen.

Gershom was born March the nineteenth, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen.

Sarah was born on the twelfth day of September one thousand seven hundred and ninety three, and was married to Mr. Nathan Emanuel on the fourteenth day of February one thousand eight hundred and sixteen and their children are Flora, Abby, Marian and Gomer Le Feyette Emanuel. Sarah died Charleston S.C. April 5th, 1852, 59 years.

Flora was born on the 13th day of March one thousand eight hundred and seventeen.

Abby was born on the first day of April 1817. Marian was born April, the 24th, 1823.

Gomer Le Feyette was born the 19 of August 1824. Cynthia was born on the 16th of March 1795, and was married to Mordecai Frois on the 7th of February 1816 and had a son Morris or Moses.

Mary Ann was born on the 3rd day of March 1799. Rachel was born on the 9th of August (at my country house at Harlem) 1800 and was married to Mr. Aaron Juday February 3rd 1819.

Juliet was born at Bloomingdale on the 15th day of August 1802. Moses was born in this City of New York on the 19th of January 1804. All my children except Rachel and Juliet were born in my house then known by 109 Water Street, New York.

We had a son next to Betty whom we called Moses who died at eighteen months old. Also a daughter some years after who died at fifteen days old. She had no name given to here. Also a son which was a miscarriage.

My honorable father, Moses Gomez, was born in New York on the 29th day of May 1728 and died in New York on the 12th day of April 1789 being sixty one years of age.

Mathias the son of Isaac Gomez married Rachel the daughter of Benjamin Gomez by whom he had several children. Some died young, the others were Deborah, Isaac, Esther and Benjamin. Mathias died in Philadelphia the 5th of May 1786.

Rachel died at New York the 18th day of April 1776 and was buried in New York.

Deborah, their daughter, died in Philadelphia the 5th of October 1786.

Isaac was a bachelor and a cripple.

Esther threw herself away in marriage by marrying a Mr. xxx and died in Virginia.

Benjamin married Miss Charlotte Henricks by who he had three children: Esther, Mathis and Louiza. The oldest is about nine years of age.

Copy of paper received from Mrs. Henry P. Moses

This early letter from a descendant for Gomez and a transcript of a recent speech differ in some small respects as to his ancestory. The search for the Gomez roots continues.

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